Cases Of Arthritis Go Up In COVID-19 Period

Rheumatology Treatment
Rheumatology Treatment
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Rheumatology Diseases

People have not been physically active enough during the coronavirus pandemic period. This is among the many reasons why cases of different kinds of arthritis have increased. Arthritis develops in millions of individuals around the world, so the increase in the cases applies at a global scale. With numerous individuals affected, taking preventive steps and launching awareness campaigns is imperative.

One of the challenges in treating arthritis patient’s concerns, access to the doctors specialized in rheumatology diseases, which is because of the absence of patient awareness. Some health issues are more like reasons to see a rheumatologist, such as joint pain or bone pain for instance. Patients who do not know the aforementioned see a general practitioner for treatment rather than a rheumatologist, which delays their disease determination and treatment. Keep reading to know how to prevent a form of arthritis.

The Ways Of Preventing Arthritis

Maintaining A Healthy Body Mass Index And Weight

Studies have revealed that each kilogram rise in one’s weight above usual, can considerably cause that person to feel 5 kilograms more stress on their knees. The importance of keeping a healthy BMI and weight cannot be stressed enough.

Having Enough Calcium

A grown-up requires 1 gram of calcium each day, whereas a woman who has been through the menopause period requires 1.5 grams of it. A glass or 200 milliliters of milk has around 300 milligrams of the mineral.

Getting Sufficient Vitamin D

Being out under the sun can help you achieve the vitamin D quantity that you require each day. How long you should be there, depends on many different factors, which include the thickness of your skin. For instance, extremely light-skinned individuals should spend around 15 minutes under the skin daily. If you have more pigmented skin, then your body is likely to have a hard time absorbing the vitamin. In this situation, you may need vitamin D fortified food items or vitamin D supplements.

Quitting Smoking

Studies have also demonstrated that smoking is likely to increase one’s possibility of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by as much as twentyfold. There is no better encouragement to quit smoking than the health benefits this move could bring.

Consuming Fish

Some forms of walnuts and fish have omega oils, which can aid in preventing arthritis. These products also have other potential health benefits.


Stretch before an exercise session and stretch regularly in the daytime, to keep a repetitive stress injury and muscular strain from occurring in you.